Fix That Leaking Tap

Dripping tap can be frustrating and annoying especially if you’ve tried to fix it before and failed. Aside from the frustration it causes, it can also contribute to a higher water bill and with everything going up and up in price these days a higher water bill is just another one we all don't want to see.

If you’ve ever had leaking taps you will know that they are not the easiest things to fix. You can change the washers, reseat the tap but nothing lasts. You can do it all over again and again and the tap just gets harder to shut off which then makes it almost impossible to turn on again.

If you are elderly or have arthritis in your hands a tap like this is an absolute nightmare. So what do you do?

There are really only a few options to a leaking tap. One, you can replace the tap! Sure you say, but have you seen the price of taps lately? I just can’t afford to replace all my dripping taps.

Two, you can call in a plumber. But I know what you’re going to say… "I’ve had 3 different plumbers try to fix my tap and not one of them was able to do anything" That's because unlike Wee Plumb, they don’t have access to the Monster Washer.

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You are going to love the Monster Washer. 


 It's so good we guarantee your taps will be drip free for 5 years AND

The Monster Washer System

you will be able to turn the tap on and off so easily you will be amazed. Even if your hands are wracked with arthritis, you’ll be absolutely delighted with the Monster Washer.

Using Monster Washer To Fix Your Leaking Tap

Monster Washer.

An award winning tap washer system, does more than stop drips. The Australian design guarantees that you won’t have to fix or try to fix your tap ever because Monster Washer will do it for you. Thanks to its multi-ridging system,

Monster Washer also controls water flow, and also creates a vacuum inside the tap so it’s easier to turn it on or off. Another great thing about it is that it protects your tap’s seat which means increased life expectancy of your taps.

Say goodbye to dripping and leaking taps forever.


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Imagine... a washer so good

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CSIRO tested at 2,000kPa at 80ºC for 50,000 Opening and Closing cycles

Fixes every leaking tap.... every time


Fixes grooves & cracks... no cutting threads

NEVER damaged by over-tightening

NEVER causes call-backs

PLUS   more great benefits...

"My whole business is word of mouth.    Since switching to the Monsters, I'm getting so many referrals... I've had to put an extra van on the road." 


Shane Cunliffe, Ready Set Flow Plumbing

"My 12 Real Estates love me for using the Monster because we've never had a problem in the 3 yrs since we changed. " 


if you are using ordinary washers ... you are just doing an ordinary job


protects tap seats... permanently 

superb ... in hard water areas

finally ... a washer you can put your name behind

makes taps permanently  soft on & off

adds years to tap bodies / breeching  pieces


"Best plumbing product we've ever used."


Michael Ritchie, Michael Ritchie Plumbing

"I'm already being asked to come back & fit more taps... in my 20 years experience, I've never had this kind of reaction with ordinary washers." 


Robin Holmes, Robin Holmes Plumbing

"Any plumber not using these is a serious mug.    Call me if you don't believe how good these are.  " 

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